75th Anniversary of VE Day

BRIDGEND MP Jamie Wallis is urging everyone to join in the VE day celebrations today in their own homes and gardens.

He said: “This is such an important day in our history – the day that marked Victory in Europe in 1945 when Hitler and the Nazis were finally defeated and it is important that younger people should now understand what was at stake during World War 2. It was Britain that stood alone against the forces of fascism in 1940 and it was Churchill who encapsulated the fighting spirit of these islands with his famous speeches.

“I know that many parties and events had been planned and I had a list of places to go throughout Bridgend and Porthcawl during the day when I could have joined in the celebrations. These will now have to wait for another time. But, on Friday, I urge people to hold their own parties to mark this event. Some people are planning street events using their front gardens so put out your garden furniture, stick up the bunting and take part in the nationwide commemoration alongside your neighbours – whilst, of course, keeping to the social distancing guidelines.

“The BBC is screening special programmes in the afternoon and evening and at 9pm everybody is urged to join Dame Vera Lynn singing We’ll Meet Again – probably the most famous song from the war which The Queen so successfully evoked during her recent speech on the Coronavirus crisis. 

“The 75th anniversary of VE Day is an important milestone in our history. It may well be the last time that any of the Second World War generation that actually fought in that conflict are still with us as they are already in their 90’s or older. So let’s make it a memorable day in our lives as well which our children and grandchildren will remember in years to come.”

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