Bridgend Dogs Trust

During what was described as a “wonderful” visit to Bridgend Dogs Trust, Jamie Wallis MP took the time to see the work that goes on to improve dog welfare and safety.

Jamie got to see some of the loving canine-companions and heard some of their harrowing stories about how they made it to them at Bridgend Dogs Trust.

Full of praise after the visit, Jamie said: “This really is one of the perks of the job! Getting to see first-hand the amazing work and time that is put into the care of these dogs who, unfortunately, did not get their forever home for some reason or another.

“To learn about the effort that goes into looking after, and improving, their welfare was truly inspiring. To hear of some dogs coming to them in quite fragile states and leaving full of joy and love to go to their new forever homes.

“Obviously, for me, the star of the show was Shaunagh, who you can see me pictured with above.

“A massive thank you to everyone at the Bridgend Dogs Trust for all the work you do to reunite us with our “best friends” to their forever homes.”


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