Bus Services Must be Restored In Bridgend

I have joined forces with Regional Senedd member Altaf Hussain to campaign for the restoration of bus services in parts of Bridgend and Penyfai, following the decision of Easyway bus company to cease trading.

I am asking Bridgend County Borough Council to set up services in Oaklands, Broadlands, and Penyfai. Additionally, I am asking for bus services travelling to Glanrhyd Hospital to be reinstated.

People living in Penyfai and other affected areas have no means of travelling to services such as shops and hospitals.

Bridgend County Borough Council is talking about people using the Town Rider service provided by Bridgend Community Transport, but this is no substitute for a properly timetabled service which people can use without having to pre-book probably the day ahead. We need bus services that run on a timetable.

I have written to residents in the affected areas, many were very upset at the loss of these vital services.

I have asked to meet with Council Leader Huw David to ask him to take positive action in bringing in a new operator and, if necessary, provide a subsidy from the funding provided by the Welsh Government.

If these services are commercially viable, I see no reason why other firms would not wish to step in. However, if the services are only marginally viable, then operators may fear that they will become unprofitable. It may be worthwhile for Bridgend County Borough Council to review its policy regarding subsidies from Welsh Government funding.

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