Carers Week Statement

I was asked by Bridgend Carers Centre to issue a statement supporting their work and also raising the profile of carers generally. I am more than happy to do this and here is the statement that I made:

“If there’s one thing that the Coronavirus crisis has shown us, then it’s the great debt the whole of society owes to carers. While we all applaud the work done by many thousands of carers in homes and hospitals in Wales, there is also a hidden army of people who care for their loved ones within their own homes. They just get on with things quietly and without fuss- whether it be looking after a spouse with dementia, a sick child or a disabled parent.

“Carers can be any age from schoolchildren up to those in their 80’s – they come in all shapes and sizes. But we must as a society value their contribution more than we have in the past and also make a conscious effort to make them more visible so that their needs can be better understood and catered for. I salute them all for the work that they do.”

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