Jamie Wallis MP celebrates International Women’s Day

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, Jamie Wallis MP celebrates the contributions made by all the incredible women across Bridgend & Porthcawl. 

Nationally women have led the way, from Kate Bingham who heads up the vaccine rollout, to Dr Jenny Harries, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer – these women, along with other community heroes, have become amazing role models for the next generation of women and girls across the country.  

Without the help of many women, from healthcare heroes to community champions, fighting coronavirus would not have been possible. Women across Bridgend have done incredible work in the most challenging of times. 

Huge sacrifices have been made, as many women have juggled working from home with childcare and caring for loved ones, and many have faced uncertainty over their jobs and worried about the future for the next generation. 

That is why in the response to Covid-19, the Government has put in place a £160 billion package to minimise the economic downturn and to protect, support and create as many jobs as possible. In addition, funding for Domestic Abuse services has been increased, protecting families and many vulnerable women across the country.  

The Prime Minister and the Conservative Party remain committed to ensuring that women can succeed in every walk of life, and that women feel empowered to reach their full potential – be that in the workplace, in business or building a life and legacy they are proud of.  

Jamie Wallis Conservative MP for Bridgend said: 

“This International Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to say thank you to all of women across our community who have played an incredibly important part in the response to Covid-19 – from NHS workers to those caring for loved ones and others in the community.  

“Many women across the country have been dealing with the extra burdens that the pandemic has created. That is why we are committed to supporting them through the most difficult times, and we are determined to build a better and fairer future for women.” 

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