MP comments on future of sixth forms in Bridgend

Local MP, Jamie Wallis, has commented on the current review underway by Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) on the future of sixth forms.

After being approached by local pupils’, Jamie said:

“I HAVE been contacted by pupils in Bridgend worried about the future of their sixth forms. BCBC is currently considering a number of options that range from retaining all sixth forms to scrapping some and providing sixth form hubs in other schools.

“I am backing pupils and parents who want to retain their sixth forms. I know how important a sixth form is to the rest of the school.

“It challenges and stimulates teachers who have to teach their subjects to A level standard and it also provides mentors and role models for younger pupils.

“And there are also practical difficulties. How will pupils travel to the new schools providing the sixth form hubs? Even if they are given bus passes, pupils will be expected to navigate bus time tables and routes which may not take them near to the school they need to reach.

“I fear that the result will be pupils deterred from taking their studies further which will reduce the pool of people in Bridgend educated to A level standard or above. This could deter would-be employers seeking well educated and skilled workers from coming to Bridgend which would have dire economic repercussions long term.


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