MP visits Farmers’ Market

BRIDGEND MP Jamie Wallis paid a visit to Porthcawl Farmers’ Market where he chatted to a number of stallholders.

Welsh Conservative Mr Wallis said: “Farmers’ Markets give not just farmers and smallholders but anyone else with a good business idea the chance to try it out.

“There was a terrific variety of goods on sale ranging from the traditional items of farm produce, cakes and preserves to various crafts, hand-made toiletries, and candles.

“Many of the stallholders I spoke to had full-time jobs but were seeing if a hobby could be turned into a viable business.

“People always amaze me with their creativity and skill and also with the new ideas that they come up with.

“The world is changing but people are moving with the times and trying to provide customers with organic and vegan items as well as reflecting the move against the use of plastics.”


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