Nominate a Constituency Business Champion

I’m looking to nominate a Constituency Responsible Business Champion for 2022.

This is a great opportunity to recognise businesses that work closely with charities, clubs or schools to support the community.

Additionally, this is an opportunity to highlight the fantastic success of businesses across Bridgend and Porthcawl.

I am looking for businesses that are committed to:

  • Engaging with stakeholders to support the local community during the pandemic.
  • Investing in healthy workplaces.
  • Offering apprenticeships and training.
  • Promoting diversity & inclusion in the workplace.
  • Working to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Working with suppliers & SMEs to support responsible business practices.

The deadline for nominations is the 31st May 2022. To nominate a business to be the Constituency Responsible Business Champion, please email me at

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