Seaside News column from Jamie Wallis MP

When I was elected MP for Bridgend just a few months ago, nobody could have imagined what was coming down the track to all of us.

But here we are and we have to cope with the many worries that the Coronavirus has thrown up.

My staff and I have been helping local businesses access the various loans and grants available because this is the only way to ensure that we end up with viable businesses able to provide jobs.

We have also dealt with those who need to claim benefits, those who are self-employed and unsure what to do and others who need help with things like food deliveries.

But what has come over very clearly to me is the way in which people are caring for others. Volunteers have come forward throughout the area to help the community in many different ways and I salute them for their willingness to put others first.

I have been liaising with health chiefs, leaders at BCBC and senior police on many matters and will continue to raise your concerns with them.

I urge anyone with any issues at all to get in touch. I can be contacted on

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