Visiting Parkdean Trecco Bay’s Brand-New Hospitality Development

It was great to visit Parkdean Resort Trecco Bay and its brand-new hospitality development.

The holiday park has invested £3.6 million into the development, which includes new restaurants, a covered canopy area for pop up food stands, and a next-level gaming arena.

This development is fantastic for our area and local economy, which will continue to attract tourists from across the country.

It was also brilliant to hear of the plans to improve the experience for neurodiverse families. 30 staff have been provided specialist training to help children with ADHD and autism, alongside flagging events that may trigger neurodiverse reactions in their events schedule.

The new development will also include a sensory room for neurodiverse children. This is an inspiring development to help accommodate children from all backgrounds and disabilities.

Additionally, it was great to meet staff who have been employed through the UK Government’s Kickstarter Scheme. The scheme has been a huge success in Bridgend and Porthcawl, providing jobs for young people in the constituency.

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