Calls for schools in Wales to properly reopen in September

Bridgend MP, Jamie Wallis, has called on the Welsh Government to provide more clarity on schools reopening in September.

The call comes after other parts of the UK have announced that their schools will reopen fully for pupils come September.

As education is controlled by the Welsh Labour Government, it is up to them and their Education Minister to make the decision on this.

Speaking today, Dr Wallis said: “Many teachers, pupils and parents have contacted me saying that children need to go back to school properly come September.

“As it stands, the Welsh Government has no plans whatsoever for our children to return to school in September, as they are doing in both England and Scotland.

“Educational achievement in Wales is already the worst in the UK under the Welsh Government, according to the international PISA rankings, and by not opening schools again, our children and our future will fall even further behind.

“And we all know that those children who are most affected the most by not going to school are the most vulnerable – some will have been home since March, which is six whole months without regular schooling!

“If they don’t, I fear that children will lose out due to Welsh Government’s lack of action and parents will be made unemployable due to no provision for alternative childcare.

“Most teachers I’ve spoken to are very keen on getting back to doing what they do best – teaching!

“But, we know in the past that Welsh Government ministers have made decisions around schooling based on the calls from unions, rather than the wellbeing of our children.

“For the sake of both our children and the economy, let’s get children back to school after the Summer holidays!”

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