Local MP urges people to only donate to registered charities this Christmas

BRIDGEND MP Jamie Wallis has joined charity regulators and Action Fraud to warn people to only donate to registered charities this Christmas.

Welsh Conservative Dr Wallis said: “Figures from the national fraud reporting centre show that hundreds of thousands of pounds were donated by people to charities sent up fraudulently by criminals last year. 

“People in Bridgend are remarkably generous in supporting charities and good causes in general and I would urge them to only give to registered, regulated charities where the money will be spent on the good causes that people wish to support. 

“Everyone needs to be vigilant against the many scams operated by shameless fraudsters who deprive genuine charities of the funding they need. Please give either to charities you already know or to those that are listed on the Charity Commission’s Register. 

“Let’s make sure that every penny donated to charity this Christmas counts and that criminals are cut out of the loop.”

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