Figures Show That the Auto Enrolment Scheme Has Been a Success

I strongly welcome the new figures that show the success of the Automatic Enrolment Workplace Pension Scheme, ten years after its launch.

In Bridgend, 8,000 employees have been automatically enrolled into a workplace pension with 1,350 employers, delivering on the UK Government’s priority to build a more inclusive savings culture.

Since 2012, there has been a 33% increase in employees participating in the scheme. This highlights its success in Bridgend and across the United Kingdom.

Recently, I co-signed a pensions bill that seeks to extend the Automatic Enrolment Scheme to all those aged 18 and over. We need to ensure that everyone has the certainty that their pension will provide for them in the future.

Thanks to Automatic Enrolment, an overwhelming majority of eligible workers are now saving for their future.

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