Jubilee Street Parties In Bridgend

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Residents are being reminded to apply for a temporary road closure if they are planning to hold a street party as part of the forthcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

  • The application deadline for events on Tuesday 2nd June is the 19th May.
  • The application deadline for events on Friday 3rd June or beyond is the 20th May.

Applications should be sent to streetparty@bridgend.gov.uk

To organise your own event in Bridgend:

  • All applications must be submitted 10 working days before the planned event.
  • Applications will need to demonstrate that residents within the street are supportive of the road closure. A designated organiser who is fully responsible for the street party and closure should be named along with their contact details.
  • The designated organiser will need to provide details showing that a risk assessment has been completed.
  • Applications will be supported for a road closure if the location is suitable- for example, a cul-de-sac or a minor road with low-level traffic.
  • Some roads must remain open for bus routes and emergency access.

More information is available at: https://www.bridgend.gov.uk/…/jubilee-street-parties…/

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