MP pays tribute to Armed Forces in Maiden Speech

Jamie Wallis, Member of Parliament for Bridgend, has today paid tribute to the Armed Forces and the veterans who reside in Bridgend during his Maiden Speech which he made during the Welsh Affairs debate today.

During his speech, Jamie said: “The armed forces are incredibly important to the people of Bridgend.

“While out campaigning during the last election, you could hardly get through a single street without meeting a military family or a veteran, and when you spoke to them about their experiences with the armed forces, it was clear early on just how emotive and important that part of their past is to them.

“These strong links with our armed forces go back many years. It was only in October of last year that we learned of the fate of HMS Urge, a world war two submarine that we now know was lost with all souls off the coast the Malta in April 1942. She was constructed in 1940, partly using funds raised by the people of Bridgend town and was later adopted by the town, and many of those serving on board had close ties to Bridgend or lived there.

“I am pleased that Bridgend Town Council is sending a delegation to Malta in late April to take part in a commemoration service, at which I hope to be present as well”.


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