New Sanctions on Russia

I welcome the UK Government’s announcement of new sanctions on Russia, in response to their unprovoked, premeditated attack on Ukraine:

  • All major Russian banks including VTB Bank will have their assets frozen and will be excluded from the UK financial system.
  • Legislation will be put forward to stop major Russian companies and the state from raising finance or borrowing money on UK markets.
  • Asset freezes will be put on 100 new individuals or entities.
  • The Aeroflot airline will be banned from landing in the UK.
  • There will be a suspension of dual-use export licenses to cover things that can be used for military purposes.
  • The UK will stop exports of hi-tech items and oil refinery equipment.

When the sovereign freedom of a democratic nation is threatened, democracy everywhere is challenged. We stand with the people of Ukraine at this difficult time

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