Questions asked of First Minister over lockdown easing

Today, Dr Jamie Wallis and other Welsh Conservative MPs in Wales have written to the First Minister for Wales regarding lockdown easing.

In the letter to Mark Drakeford, it says “Your Party colleagues in Westminster have repeatedly asked the UK Government to publish the details of the scientific advice that it has received during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Government has been very forthcoming in setting out the reasons why we need to get the economy back on its feet, and the public health consequences that an over-extended lockdown could bring.

“Whilst the Welsh Government’s Technical Advisory Cell (TAC) has been publishing evidence since the beginning of May, we are hoping that you can point us to the specific evidence that has informed your decisions.”

Commenting on the publication of this letter, Jamie said: “Since more guidance has been issued from the Welsh Government and the changes that have come into force today, we are still yet to have a clear response from the Welsh Government about what the scientific evidence has told them regarding the 5-mile rule when people in England are not restricted to travel.

“We also need to know what implications easing the lockdown at a slower rate will have on the economy and public health in general and what evidence has the Welsh Government seen to back this up”

You can download a copy of the letter sent to the First Minister, below;

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