Statement on the Prime Minister’s Resignation

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Over the last few months, British politics has been incredibly turbulent. The last week has been incredibly difficult and divisive in Westminster.

Today, the Prime Minister resigned his position. Whatever my thoughts on the events of recent weeks, the Prime Minister has worked to deliver Brexit, the fastest vaccine rollout in Europe and unfaltering support to Ukraine in light of the Russian invasion.

In 2019, the Conservative Party won a landslide 80-seat majority. The mandate of the British people was given to deliver; To deliver Brexit, the ambitious Levelling Up agenda and a strong Union. Now, as a Party, we must unite to ensure we continue to do just that.

We must move forward as one united country. Trust is the foundation upon which the legitimacy of democratic institutions rests. It is the basis of Government. Whoever takes over following the leadership competition will have to work to rebuild the public trust lost in recent months. Public service must be at the centre of the next Government. We must focus on moving forward by delivering levelling-up for areas like my own constituency of Bridgend, tackling the cost of living crisis and rebuilding a strong economy.

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