Update from South Wales Police: Bridgend and Porthcawl

Today I met with the Chief Superintendent and Chief Inspector that cover Bridgend & Porthcawl to discuss a number of issues. I very much welcome the news that additional police response units have been placed in Porthcawl and Pyle. It was also fantastic to hear that the recruitment of additional officers continues to go well and it won’t be long before South Wales Police has more officers than it ever has!

We discussed a number of other matters but I’d like to give an update on two issues I’ve received multiple requests about:

1) Closure of Bridgend Police Station at Cheapside and the impact on policing in Bridgend Town. South Wales Police are actively looking for a suitable new location. It’s hoped that this won’t take too long and we’ll have a new police station soon. In the meantime, the closure of the station will have no impact on the neighbourhood policing in Bridgend Town and South Wales Police remain committed to maintaining policing levels there.

2) Porthcawl Seafront – Many residents have contacted me about a number of issues, not just recently but throughout COVID, related to occupants of the hotels on the seafront. I’m also aware of a recent serious incident which has led to an arrest. South Wales Police are aware of the change in dynamic this has caused and stand ready to facilitate the incremental removal of occupants as we come out of the pandemic. I know that some eviction notices have just very recently been served.

I’ll be writing to BCBC and other stakeholders to get more definitive answers on this.

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