“Brexit Got Done”

Jamie Wallis with Boris Johnson

In one of his firsts acts as the Member of Parliament for Bridgend, Jamie Wallis MP has voted in favour of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill to ensure we leave the European Union at 11 pm on January 31st.

Commenting during this historic vote Jamie added: “Today was a massive leap toward the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.

“For this to be my first vote as a Member of Parliament makes it all the more worthwhile. Delivering on the verdict of the people of Bridgend and the United Kingdom as a whole, is long overdue and I am glad to say that Brexit Got Done!

“Whichever side of the argument you may have been on, it was important to our democratic system that we did what the people told us to do more than three-and-a-half-years ago.

“The vote in 2016 was a vote for change, towns and villages across Bridgend felt left-behind and it is so important that we understand the significance of not just how they voted but why they voted to leave.

“They voted for a different way of thinking. Allowing our businesses to export across the world. Making sure that those who are elected by us, can be ejected by us and an end to huge sums of money being sent to a failed political project.

This is now the time for us to come together and get on with delivering on our other priorities, the people’s priorities, and I am immensely privileged to be able to play my part.”

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