“Country’s top sand dune and reserve” praised by MP in speech

During his maiden speech, Jamie Wallis praised Kenfig Nature Reserve as one of the “country’s top sand dune and reserve”.

He made this statement as part of his Maiden speech which new MPs make upon their first election to the house. The speeches are to give members a glimpse of their constituency and gives a chance for the new member to highlight the magnificence of their constituency, in this instance, Kenfig Nature Reserve.

Making his speech, Jamie praised the Reserve by saying: “We are the proud home of the award-winning Kenfig nature reserve, one of the country’s top sand dune reserves, with an array of beautiful wild fen orchids, which birds and unique species of insects depend on for their survival.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers, who come not only from Kenfig and the surrounding communities of Pyle and Cornelly but from afar, to support and protect the reserve, especially those that endured a difficult recent campaign to clarify the reserve’s future, following the end of the lease held by the local council.


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