Meeting with the Chancellor to Discuss the Cost of Living

Many residents in the constituency have contacted me to express their concerns over the rising cost of living.

I met with the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to convey these concerns to him and to hear what steps the UK Government is taking to help tackle this crisis.

I am pleased to hear that the UK Government’s decision to freeze fuel duty will help to drive fuel prices down. This decision has saved the average driver over £1,900 over twelve consecutive years and will continue to do so.

Additionally, I welcome the UK Government’s strong action to tackle the cost of living by raising the National Living Wage, meaning that millions of people will earn an extra £1,000. This is alongside the broad changes to the tax system, which will relieve the tax on the first £12,500 a person earns.

I have been assured by the Chancellor that he will continue to listen and ensure that the decisions made by the UK Government will help those who need it most in these financially tough times.

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