Education In Wales Must be Properly Funded

You only get one chance to have a decent education and the Welsh Labour Government is squandering the life chances of our children. Each year, £1,000 less is spent on the education of a child in Wales than that of a child in other parts of the UK.
I have written my thoughts on why the Welsh Government must properly fund Welsh education, ensuring the children of Wales receive the same standard of education as the rest of the United Kingdom.

Meeting LEGO to Discuss Braille Bricks

I met with LEGO and RNIB to discuss their new braille bricks, and how they can be used in our education system. This exciting new concept is a playful methodology, helping children who are blind or visually impaired to develop tactile skills and learn braille.

Supporting Children’s Mental Health Week

Children’s Mental Health Week is an opportunity to shine a light on the importance of children and young people’s mental health.
I had the opportunity to meet with Place2Be, who provide counselling to children in schools across the UK. It was fantastic to hear they are currently operating in 12 schools in South Wales and for every £1 spent on the service, it generates £6.20 back!

More Attention Is Need Towards Education In Wales

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I am deeply concerned that research by the London School of Economics has found that Welsh children lost out on a third of their learning in the last academic year, more than any other UK nation.