More Attention Is Need Towards Education In Wales

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I am deeply concerned that research by the London School of Economics has found that Welsh children lost out on a third of their learning in the last academic year, more than any other UK nation.

Not all the issues experienced in Welsh schools can be blamed on the pandemic. The underfunding from the Welsh Labour Government is playing a part in the severe issues facing our education system In Wales.

The Institute of Fiscal Studies have confirmed that Wales spends less per pupil on education than both England and Scotland, with English students benefitting by £100 extra per person compared to their Welsh counterparts. It’s shocking to see that this has contributed to Wales receiving the lowest PISA scores- that ranks education systems across the world- of all UK nations since it first participated in 2006.

The Welsh Government must commit to spending more on education per pupil to ensure that every child in Wales receives the best possible education.

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